Masters of Community with David Spinks

EP12: The Unbundling of Internet Communities w/ Greg Isenberg

Episode Summary

Greg Isenberg is an online community builder that is dedicated to finding what people are passionate about and building communities for them. He is the Co-Founder of Late Checkout, a company that designs, creates, and acquires online communities that are off of the big social media platforms. Greg shares how he identifies business opportunities with communities that he knows can be monetized and scaled, and what he does to turn this potential into a reality. Greg is a community builder that finds what people are passionate about and creates spaces for them to share their enthusiasm while also making a profit. Greg and David discuss the future of social media and what this means for community builders that want to build a “true community” in 2020 and beyond. Greg knows what it takes to build and scale a community and he shares what he knows to be the key to leading a successful community as an individual. Who is this episode for?: Online communities in all stages (starting, scaling and revitalizing) 3 key takeaways: - The benefits of a community existing on a platform that was created specifically for their community and tailored to its mission - The truth about venture capital funding in the community industry - The impact of showing up for your community consistently and with deep commitment to its purpose