Masters of Community with David Spinks

How Twitch is Creating Safe Spaces at Scale, Launching Sub-Communities & Taking Action on User Feedback w/ Erin Wayne

Episode Summary

Erin Wayne is Director of Community and Creator Marketing at Twitch as well as a content creator and influencer in the gaming community. Erin has a unique approach to community at Twitch, focusing on collaboration between the community members and the influencers that they are engaging with. By creating ways for the community to actively participate in and affect the experience that the gamer is having during a livestream, Erin has created a community that engages its leaders and members with the experience. Erin shares how Twitch uses the community as a resource for providing the company with new ideas and testing products before their launch. Erin Wayne is passionate about creating a safe and engaging community for Twitch users and has spent years building the Twitch community into the force it is today. Who is this episode for?: Online B2C starting and scaling 3 key takeaways: - How Erin collects feedback from the community and how they use this to build their new products - The steps that Erin takes to create safe spaces at scale for the community and its chapter leaders - How Twitch structures their community of millions of users